Zhang Lun

Zhang Lun's Return to Reality

Zhang Lun's work reminds us that although we may live in differing social situations, we still remain in our own private space within reality: consumed and being absorbed into illusion ( Buddhist ' maya' ) by an intoxicating mixture of desire and spirit, cruelly and wildly whether conscious of the fact or not destroying ourselves in the process. To return to that 'true' reality we must become aware of our situation in the here and now.

The artist's desire is that we find an ideal, detached state (nirvana), where belief will enrich the quality of our future lives; that once aware, we will not hesitate towards positive action: for though at first we may feel puzzled and lost, depression and distortion can be changed by the pain and calamity of revelation... or else despair and injury, both visible and invisible, will be perpetuated by ignorance and greed that in our blindness and inaction controls us. To realize this, we must possess the will to act, all the while retaining an element of dignity and candor.

As the artist understands, inevitably difficulties will be encountered as we struggle with oppression and ruthlessness in life, attempting to regain self-control, but we can retain both and independent and artistic sensibilities. His paintings cannot exist separately from his belief: each is an individual work within itself, though the series is connected by the vivid expressionist style, colour palette employed, and psychological / philosophical theme. There is a humanitarian concern present: a search and yearning for freedom through self-realization, a concern for both individuals and society as a whole presently unfulfilled.

Although the paintings can be viewed and appreciated 'as is', where they are not wholly self-evident we can see Zhang Lun employing symbolism, specifically within those canvases containing fish: these and the ephemeral / ethereal trails which they leave bringing to mind the struggle of differing ideologies: some wishing to break from that shadow of the past, some content to rest within it, others merely indifferent, unconcerned, unaware. Yet all co-exist literally within that same sphere: human society.

Within the figure portraits the Zhang Lun's technique ~ combining both abstract and fluid forms, evokes a deep contemplation ... it comes as no surprise that this latest series began four years ago but only became realized on canvas within the last two.

Although we may find a hint of Zhang Lun's favourite artists: Modigliani, Mark Rothko, the Qing dynasty painter Huang Bin Hong (1865-1955) within his works, for is it ever truly possible for any artist to break completely from the past and his education, there is no direct reference, and it is gratifying to see that the artist is pursuing an individual goal rather than follow in the footsteps of the Cynical Realists or Political Pop artists, although there is some common sociological ground. Zhang Lun himself remains impassive, neither optimistic nor pessimistic, if anything perhaps even a little detached in his outlook:

"Already we are as a freely flying pigeon, granted a bird's-eye-view. However, the sky may be blue, the clouds may be white, showing a purity and attractiveness we yearn for.. but in fact this remains inaccessible to most, an illusion, so hard to touch and achieve."

Hopefully through our appreciation of his works we can conquer that illusion, and indeed return to true reality.




Born in Taiyuan,Shanxi Province, China


Graduated from China Center Fine Arts Academy, Beijing, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Return to Reality, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Music Party & Coffee House, China Grain Square, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions


Empty, Gallery Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Not The Right Time, Soemo Fine Arts, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Standpoint, soemo fine Arts, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

From Chengdu to Beijing, Galerie Buddenbrooks, The Hague, The Netherlands

Abstractive Illusions, Belgium Embassy, Beijing, China

Xu . Shi, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Welcome to Songzhuang, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Contemporary Arts, Red T Gallery, Beijing, China


Fireworks In The World, the 2nd Visual Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Arts Community, Beijing, China

Depose, Songzhuang Arts Community, Beijing, China


100 Artists Exhibition, Qianjin Gallery, Beijing, China


New Vision of Contemporary Arts, Good Garden Gallery, Beijing, China

Contemporary Chinese Arts, Mainland Gallery, Beijing, China

Six Oil Artists, Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China


New Image Works, Modern City, Beijing, China

Time Sign, Green Way Gallery, Beijing, China

Resurgence, Good Garden Gallery, Beijing, China


Paintings Invitation Exhibition for 2008, Green Way Gallery, Beijing, China

Different Space Oil Exhibition, China Grain Square, Beijing, China

Plane Compose, China Military Museum, Beijing, China

2000 Six Artists Exhibition of Longmai Gallery, Jiali Center, Beijing, China

Six Artists Exhibition of Migration and Regression, Chaoyang Cultural Palace, Beijing, China


Beijing International Arts Exposition, Beijing Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

China Art Exposition, Beijing Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China