Xue Liming

"Entwined Circles”

In Xue Ming's art piece, he skillfully employs meticulous brushstrokes to layer circles, intricately depicting influential individuals such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. These circles form an organic whole, symbolizing the intricate relationship between individuals and the collective in contemporary society.

Individuals in this artwork are endowed with unique expressions; each small circle represents the existence of an individual in society. The artist ingeniously intertwines these individuals, creating a closely connected circle that conveys the mutual connections and interdependence of individuals in society. This prompts contemplation on the complex network structures of contemporary society, where each individual plays a unique and vital role within this vast whole.

The layered and intricately arranged circles seem to imply the existence of entrapment. In today's society, individuals often find themselves influenced by various traps, encompassing cultural, technological, and business aspects. Through this artistic form, the artist might be exploring the development and challenges individuals face in society, as well as how they navigate their position within these traps.

The outstanding individuals, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, are portrayed with great precision. Their images gradually emerge in the artwork, with each circle seemingly offering a profound scrutiny of their careers, innovations, and impact. This also resonates with the contemporary societal admiration for entrepreneurs and innovators, along with reflecting on the influence they wield within their societal context.

Overall, those artwork, through the artistic techniques of circles, circles within circles, and the concept of entrapment, vividly showcases the complexity and interconnectedness of individuals in contemporary society. It serves as a reminder that each person is an indispensable part of the larger social whole, and every outstanding individual plays a unique role within this extensive interconnected circle.

By Lucy Han 2023 12 12




Born in Chengde, Hebei, China


Graduated from Handan Education College, Hebei, China

Selected Exhibitions


Breathing, Free Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Minsheng Art Merge And Gathering, Beijing, China


We·1993-2013 Songzhuang Artists Group 20 Years Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China


Songzhuang Fringe Artists Group Exhibitipon, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Winter Group Show, Free Space Gallery, Beijing, China


Affordable Art Festival, Beijing, China

7 Artists Group Exhibition, Free Space Gallery, Beijing, China


Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook


Affordable Art, Ret T Gallery, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·How To Be A Good Communist, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Main Melody·10-year Open International Behavioral Art Festival, 798, Beijing, China

China And Korea Contemporary Art exhibition, Beijing, China


Art Warehouse·The 2nd Contemporary Oil Art Invitation Exhibition, East Art Zone, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Legand Series·Milk Milk, Modern Sky Music Festival, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Legand Series·River Bed, Chaobaihe River Bed, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Legand Series·Construction, The 4th Songzhuang Art festival, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Square Beats·Square Behavioral Art Exhibition, Beijing, China


Everybody in·Taking Sunshine, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Art Meets Football Game, The Sun Gallery, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art Photos Exhibition, Yixiang Gallery, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Come Back From Death, Xi'an, China

Behavioral Art·June Gathering, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Everybody in·Walking, Beijing, China

Behavioral Art·Everybody in·Dizzy, Age Space, Beijing, China


Very Kind·Art Group Exhibition, Ren Gallery, Beijing, China

Everybody in·Together, Ren Gallery, Beijing, China


Everybody in·The Holidays, The 1st Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing, China


100 Artists Exhibition, Beijing Mainland Art Gallery, beijing, China

The 1st Youth Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China