Yuan Ling

These series of works are an interpretation of our state of existence in this world.  Whether people who walk in the customary rules can break these shackles and break free of these bonds to liberate themselves. This is my thinking about my works.  From birth to death, we are fighting against fate. How to liberate ourselves in these bars without touching the bottom line of social morality is the thinking that society has given us.  I think that it is more accurate to slap my work. When we escape from a constraint, we will encounter another constraint and complete our life puzzle in the struggle.



Yuan Ling, a fusion entrepreneur, entrepreneur, collector, has worked in banks, securities, funds and trust companies, large and large enterprises.  In 2008, he began to explore painting in Songzhuang.  His works have been exhibited at the Beijing Today Art Museum, the Chicago Art Museum, the Hungry Rose Far East National Art Museum, and the Songzhuang Art Museum.  It was collected by the Today Art Museum and the Hungry Far East National Art Museum.