Red And Black

The Chinese character "Red", a color similar to that of blood, represents a smooth and happy atmosphere, it stands for hope.

The Chinese character "black", a color similar to that of coal, is an ancient character based on two parts. The upper part stands for the word "chimney". The lower part signifies "double-fires" which means a fire so strong that it flames causes a curtain of thick black smoke......  a smoke that causes all things to become black. The Chinese therefore often use the character "Black" to symbolize something which is evil, vicious, illegal or dark.

I have chosen "Red and Black" as the exhibition title, for these characters are particularly suitable to describe the exhibited artworks. In these artworks you can view a man staring with longing eyes while he is held captive behind barbed wires, children who are victims of an earthquake, Uighur children with confused but bright eyes, scenes of storm...

In 2008, we have experienced a lot. I am more concerned about is the hope behind the eyes, the deep of the hearts, and the actions by people from the worldwide.