Different Angles

Soemo Fine Arts is happy to exhibit the four artists for the first time. We liked the different angles they are looking at life and presenting them in their canvases.

Contemporary Chinese artists introduce their work with a segment of their culture and philosophy and a segment of their living environment. The exposure, their understanding and interpretation of their immediate environment is at the heart of their work.

In the China of today, there is no ordered system of moral values. Now and in future the Chinese society is trying to find a balance between cultural sentiment, social responsibilities, living conditions and notions of value.

The four artists, come from different areas of china, different environments and backgrounds, their angle to look at things is not only differentiated by that, but as well by the age and their values they live by.

Huang Zhiqiong shows the world in toned down colors, like through a filter, where all strong colors are reduced. He looks at the vanities and desires of people with a great gift of observation, but the reduced colors tone down the partly sensational affect the scenes depicted would have, if the colors would be brighter.

Guo Kaijun looks at the life of the "Nongmin gong", he looks at their living through the always existing plastic sheets, another symbol of the new China, however the hidden one.

He peeks into their privacy, which however is never really private, and portraits their small joys, hardship and daily lives.

Zhang Yongsheng shows the happy and unburdened life of kids, which have not entered in the days of competition and pressure. In the moment the people portrait are older, the worries and daily hardship are also entering the canvas. As a close observer, he does not need a lot of color to show the essential mood his protagonists want to express, and as well the influences the kids are subjected to. The fashionable dances and sports wears a kid of today's china has to have to fit in.

Zhang Xiaolong, the youngest of the four artists, shows in his paintings on one side the curiosity young humans have towards the wonders of nature, but on the other side how the same humans are destroying, sanitizing and changing this nature beyond recognition.