Floating Life in Bamboo reflection

The ancient people praised the bones of bamboo and loved the nobility of bamboo, and by stopping to look at bamboo, they could accomplish the cultivation of humanistic spirit and the purification of their personality. However, in the fast-paced modern society, facing the clusters of bamboo forests scattered everywhere in the street corners of buildings, we often rush past and do not care, just like a modest gentleman who has no time to talk, and left in the cold. Nowadays, we drive our physical bodies across the sky and the sea every day, galloping through the crowd, but gradually losing the ability to talk to ourselves.

As I grew older and more experienced, I began to pay attention to and paint the bamboo forest around me while trying to slow down my life, and made it an important direction in my creative career. The "Bamboo Forest" series in this exhibition is a series of works created from 2015 to 2019, focusing on the street corner scenery in modern city life. Mainly using bamboo forest as the medium of creation, they depict the visual memories of living between the cities of Huangshan and Beijing for several years, recording the visual experience and emotional touch brought by the sudden encounter with bamboo forest in a hurry.