Liu Chunhai

Born in 1966 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Liu Chunhai, like many other intellectuals of his generation, endured the harshest period of the Cultural Revolution. Unafraid to create works that boldly depart from convention, Liu Chunhai audacious works tell the story of a man who refuses to stay silent about the grand disaster he witnessed. Liu Chunhai works show the true identity of girls who were at their prime of youth during the Cultural Revolution. His works question the forced morality of that specific period and visualises the hidden thoughts and emotions of an oppressed generation. He has been exhibited widely in China and abroad and his works have been collected by both public institutions and private collectors around the world.




Born in Harbin, Helongjiang Province


Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Harbin Teacher School

Selected Solo Exhibitions


It's Not A Story•Liu Chunhai Solo Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Beijing, China


Another Journey of Youth, Bada Gallery, Beijing, China


Hot•Red Youth Everywhere, Liu Chunhai Solo Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Beijing, China

Leave Youth Un-empty, Baba Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Story of Time•Liu Chunhai Solo Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Beijing, China

Chinese Comics•Liu Chun Hai , Ren Art Center, Beijing, China


My Young Age, China Pata Gallery, Beijing, China


Kortman Gallery, lllinois, U.S.A


Mao and More Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Mao and More Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Wanfung Gallery, Beijing, China

Koizumi Gallery, Kanggawa, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions


SH Contemporary Art Fair 2011, by Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Contemporary Group Exhibition, Baba Gallery, Shanghai, China


The Following Young Generations, Beijing, China


Freedom, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Art Fair-Primavera, Rotterdam, the Netherland


Art Fair Arti07, the Hague, the Netherlands

Liu Chunhai, Zhang Lin & Huang Bai·Chinese Stories, Galerie Buddenbrooks, the Hague, the Netherlands

On the Way, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Selected Collections

ARD German Television

Freie Universitat Berlin

Grain Import And Export Association Of France

Embassy of Greece

Embassy of the United States

Embassy of France

Gold Ion Group, Hong Kong

Beijing Branch Office of The Associated Press

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies