Lu Lin

A mind with grand ambition, a brush to depict thousands of miles' landscape

--- An introduction for Lu Lin's paintings

 by Pan Mozi

Once Mr. Chen Danqing has said that the illness of China is originated from the "loss of culture memory", that is, what we should try preserving in our memory. Lu Lin, as an outsider of the culture mechanism, is now trying to take the responsibility of "culture awareness" and "historical awareness" as a traditional Chinese artist. If the contemporary Chinese art wants to win respect and reputation, it's important to hear and absorb other opinions. Otherwise, the loss of our culture memory will prevail.

Reviewing Lu Lin's artwork, from "Embryo Breath" to  "Excited Insects" and "Incantations", from "Mysterious Birds" to "A Scene of Bustling Activity", we can see that Lu Lin as a lonely artist is trying his best to follow and rebuild the tradition. Here, ignoring the work itself, with only the name of the painting, the painter's 30 years' ambition of preserving the history and rebuilding the Chinese culture is thoroughly depicted.

Lu Lin integrates his own words with historical context in his painting. The drawing technique, frame and style have shown his emotion about Chinese culture. Even though he does not internationally combine the style of the east and the west, he already reaches the status of "looking at himself" in his paintings. "As long as we reach the phase of looking at ourselves, the self-awareness will be obtained in the contemporary Chinese art," said Peng Feng. Furthermore, what does it mean to "look at oneself"? Without doubt, it means independence, awareness and unification. If an artist follows the fashion without self-awareness, his work will never be recognized in history. He will never be a true "artist".

Is Lu Lin a true artist now? Yes is the answer. Mr. Wang Zhongwen once wrote Lu Lin a preface for his solo exhibition, the title of which is "a great country with magnificent scenery, a brush to depict thousands of miles landscape." I definitely agree with him. Lu Lin's paintings have flesh and blood, breathing and screaming. The ink is growing on the pulp like a prospering forest. The paintings show the great mind of the artist. Just like what an American writer said, "Memory is the best way of going home." Lu Lin wants to rebuild his memory to reach his art dream. With the Chinese mythological creature like mysterious bird, phoenix and dragon, he frames the modern status of culture, and expresses his own spirit.

"Ink Painting Lu Lin" is what we call him usually. The modern ink painting was generated during the "85 trend" period when traditional culture was shocked. It began with experimental ink painting.  Zeng Chunhua once said that, for modern ink painting, Zhao Wuji provides spiritual power; Gu Wenda offers mental stimulation; Liu Guosong enhances the experimental techniques. Hereby, I'd like to add that, Lu Lin provides a strong cultural support for the experimental ink painting.  Different from Liu Zijian's spiritual pursue, Lu Lin's ink painting is a strong confirmation of the traditional culture. The mysterious bird is mysterious bird, without illusion and conjecture; the dragon is the dragon, without fiction and exaggeration. He wants to express the spirit of the mysterious bird and dragon, that is, the spirit of freedom. Therefore, in my idea, Lu Lin has "a mind with grand ambition, a brush to depict thousands of miles' landscape". Such Lu Lin has the magic charisma to make people breathless.

Mr. Li Xianting has said that, Lu Lin is a life artist. This could be the most straightforward judgment for Lu Lin. A life artist often has a romantic and poetic heart. He always wants to look back with abundant human emotions. Lu Lin is one of the representatives of the modern ink paintings, his paintings are not just simply painting, but with emotion and love; his emotion to this land, and his love for the tradition and history. 




Born in Jinan, Shandong Province, China


Graduated from Qingdao Craft Art College, Shandong Province, China.

Teacher at the Qingdao Craft Art College


Established Lu Lin Art Studio in Yuan Ming Yuan Painter Village, Beijing, China


Established Abstract Art Studio in Beijing, China


Established Abstract Water Ink And Wash Studio in Jinan, Shandong province, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions 


Ambit-Lu Lin Solo Exhibition, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


The Legend of Lu Lin, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China


Lu Lin Abstract Water Ink And Wash Art, Beijing, China


Lu Lin Abstract Water Ink And Wash Art, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions 


Integration-Chinese and French Abstract Art Exhibition, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Not The Right Time, Soemo Fine Arts, Songzhuang, Beijing, China


Water Ink League, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China


Pavilion: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Dilapidated: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China


The Chinese Edition, Shanghai, China The Chinese edition, Shenzhen, China


Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

Shanghai Artist Village Biennale, Shanghai, China


Efficacy Of Art, Beijing, China


Contemporary Art of 10 Artists, Beijing, China


Awake China, Germany A Big Chinese Tea Egg, Chinese Karaoke, NHUN! NHUN!, Germany


International Newly Arisen Art Exposition, Hong Kong

The Second United Exhibition of Chinese Occupational Artists, Hong Kong


The First United Exhibition of Chinese Occupational Artists, Beijing, China

Yuan Ming Yuan Artists-Village Works exhibition, Hong Kong


New period Exhibition of 6 Artists--Yuemingjun, Lu Lin, Yangshaobin, Yilin, Weilin, Weiye, Grand Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China

Works of China Yuan Ming Yuan Artists, Belgium


Chinese Contemporary Art, France


Chinese Avant-garde Water Ink And Wash, Japan

Chinese Abstract Water Ink and Contemporary Water Ink And Wash, Japan


Beijing-New York 22 Artists Art Exhibition, New York, the United States