Ma Ye

Ma Ye was born in Suide, Shaanxi Province. From a young age Ma Ye was a talented artist and was already highly skilled before entering the Xi'an Fine Arts Academy. After graduation he worked as an art teacher in a secondary school in his hometown, but resigned after four years of teaching. Ma Ye was disappointed for the school never paid much attention on art education and he was unable to fully pass on his skills to his students. From 1993 he lived in the Yuan Ming Yuan Painter Village in Beijing. After the Yuan Ming Yuan Painter Village was removed by the Chinese Government in 1995 he moved to Song Zhuang Painter Village in Beijing, currently still living here. In the series that is presented on the website, Ma Ye shows a vivid contrast by creating fashionable figures that are undressing in front of Chinese historical views. In his works he expresses the state of modern China, the concept of people on value and morality is changing, in the meantime the traditional civilization is disappearing.




Born in Sui De, Shanxi Province, China


Graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an, China

Selected Solo exhibitions


Dismantle the Modern, American Embassy, Beijing, China.

Mother Body, Hilton Guanjin Gallery, Beijing, China


Red-Soul, Wanfung Gallery, Beijing, China

Selected Group exhibitions


Art Fair - Primavera, Rotterdam, the Netherland


Art Fair Arti07, the Hague, the Netherlands

Standpoint, Soemo Fine Arts, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

From Chengdu to Beijing, Galerie Buddenbrooks, The Hague, The Netherlands

On the Way, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Made in Songzhuang, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China


Five Countries Tour Exhibition (Singapore, Holland, Denmark, France, Germany)

Welcome to Songzhuang, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Affordable Art, Red T Gallery and Season Gallery, Beijing, China

One Minute Film, Rain Gallery, Beijing, China

Beijing occupational Artists, Yan Club Art Center, Beijing, China


Power of Spirit - Communication of Contemporary Arts Works, Tour Exhibitions at Chinese Universities

Arts Concentration, Songzhuang Arts Community, Beijing, China


100 Chinese Artists Arts, Qianjin Gallery, Beijing, China

Guangzhou International Art Exposition, Guangzhou International Fair Hall, Guangzhou, China


Shanghai Spring Art Salon Exhibition, Shanghai Everbright (GuangDa) Exposition Center, Shanghai, China

Countryside-Made, Beijing DaoPu Visual Arts Centre, Beijing, China

China Contemporary Art, Mainland Gallery, Beijing, China

Charity Auction, Tokyo Art Object, Beijing, China

The 1st Youth Fine Arts, Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China


Contemporary Plane Painting, Military Museum, Beijing, China

The Heart of CMOS Chip, PC Art Factory, Beijing, China

Red Square Show, RedSquare Art Space, Beijing, China

Space Time, Beijing Dhyana O Gallery, Beijing, China

Hello ! WangFuJing ! Wangfujing, Beijing, China