Liu Tingting

My works are describing only children. Because of the only-child policy in China, nowadays most chinese family only can have one child. Because they are the only child in the family, parents always give all of their loves to the child. Therefore, most of them are rebellious and self- centered. And also because of not having brothers and sisters, they only can play with dolls, they considered dolls as their best friends. They organize many stories to share with their best friends. They are seem to be happy, but actually they are lonely.




Born in Sichuan Province, China


Graduated from Art college of Southwest Normal University with a B.A degree, Chengdu, China


Graduated from Art College of Southwest Normal University with a Master degree, Sichuan, China

Selected Solo Exbibitions


The first "I" Orsay Gallery in 2018, Shanghai

Imagination collection - Double exhibition Temple library Tianjin

Selected Group Exhibitions


Taipei New Art Fair, Taipei


Winter hi21, Beijing

Busan Art Expo 2019 Busan, Korea


Taipei New Art Expo Taipei

Third person - contemporary art exhibition space Beijing

Innocent light No. 1 Art Space Beijing


Beijing Urban Art Expo Beijing

3rd poly college Star Art Exhibition Yiwu

The first international women artists Macao Biennale in 2018

Art Suzhou


Art Taiyuan, Shanxi

Past and present of China in 2017 Marengo Gallery USA

Joint exhibition of young artists Marengo Gallery USA

Art Xiamen

Hangzhou Art Expo Hangzhou


Art Shenzhen

Art market 3rd new young artist Nomination Exhibition Beijing

The 11th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, Beijing,

Instant in 2016 -- Galerie 99, Chinese contemporary art from Sichuan, Germany

The 5th "great beauty West City" exhibition in 2016, Beijing

Taipei New Art Expo Taipei

Singapore contemporary art exhibition Singapore


Eparty 798 Art Factory Beijing

Taipei International Art Fair

The second Beijing Outstanding Young Artist Art Carnival in 2015, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2nd Nanjing International Art Exhibition Nanjing

Fairy tales of time in 2015 -- Contemporary Art Joint Exhibition Suzhou

Contemporary Art Exhibition Yue Art Museum, Beijing

Taipei New Art Expo Taipei


Aff Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hi21-Art Fair, Beijing, China


Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

Art O'clock 2013, Paris, France

Made in China, Galerie 99, Germany

Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Beibuwu Gallery, Guangxi, China


Facing Future • Our Fear and Love, Tengxunhui Space, Beijing, China


SH Contemporary Art Fair 2011, by Soemo Fine Arts-Beijing, Shanghai, China

Her Vision, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Rotating Trojan•2011 Chinese New Painting, Beijing Times Art Museum,Beijing, China

Invitation Exhibition of Beijing International Fashion Fair, Beijing International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

All The Same, Songsheng Gallery, Beijing, China

Echo-Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Zhaoxuchen Art Center, Beijing, China

Christmas and New Year Party, Beijing, China


Tender Whisper•Exhibition of Liu Tingting & Zhang Lin, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Happening Arts Festival, Beijing, China

Youth Notes•Group Exhibition of Zhanglin and Liu Tingting Gallery, Shanghai, China

Invitation Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy 70 Anniversary, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Invitation Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy 70 Anniversary-Part Chengdu, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Chengdu, China


The 5th Master Students Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, Chongqing, China

Yearly Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy Oil Department, Chongqing, China


Passion•Contemporary Art Exhibition, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

South Dream•Part One, Shengzhen 22 Art Zone Art Exhibition, Shengzhen, China

Invitation Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Master Students' works, Chongqing Art Museum, Chingqing, China

Potential . Chengdu, 2007 Invitation Exhibition of Youth Artists, Chengdu, China


Work 'The Fairy Maiden•Flood 5' involved and awarded in The 4th Annual Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Master Students, Chongqing, China

Work 'The Fairy Maiden•Flood 3' involved in the annual Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Oil Department, Museum of Sichuan Fine Art Academy, Chongqing, China

Work 'The Fairy Maiden I' was collected by MARTa Herford Art Museum, Germany

Work 'The Fairy Maiden' involved in the Excellent Modern Art Works Exhibition of China and Korea, Korea

Floating Border Line•Exhibition of Six Contemporary Artists, Tank Art Factory, Chongqing, China

Exhibition of Master Students of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China


Involved and awarded in Chongqing Art Exhibition, Chongqing, China