Chi Yiqi


The extreme imbalance between material and cultural developments affects the socity in many aspects. The inner didstortion of Humans,warped by intense desires,darkens the soul and humanity and infinitum...

The artworks in the "Flowers Pink" series are pessimistic, helpless,futile and interwoven with violence and ambiguity. Full of tensions and conflicts,they depict a crisis in the trust worthiness and lack of sincenity between people.The artist had adopted the curently favoured cynical,fuffian and indifferent attitude and form in this series of artworks to mock and criticize China and even the pretentious and sickening people in the society

Is it fighting, teasing or struggling? The expression, posture and body exude determination and immense strength. Yet there are helpessness,mischief and pretensions. The body is untight,ridiculous and weird but there is also a soft side that drifts and homeless and lost

All these superficial expressions and faise show of strength are mere tricks that already lead to exhaustion from the start. The natural strength,physical and mental,of a human body is not sufficient to tackle the issues on hand.




Born in Youxi, Fujian Province, china


Graduated from Fujian Sanming Institute, Fujian Province, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


"Two Into One", Singapore


Chi Yiqi Solo Exhibition, K68 Gallery, Shanghai, China

Selected Group Exhibitions


AAF Hong Kong 2013, Y2ARTS, Hong Kong


AAF Singapore 2012, Y2ARTS, Singapore


Art Expo Malaysia 2011, Malaysia


"??", Dafeng Gallery, Beijing, China

Beijing International Environmental Protection Art Festival, Beijing, China

Art 10 , Libocun Gallery, Beijing, China


Heart of Chinese Art, Jan Van Der Togt Art Museum,Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Songzhuang Art Festival, Wanshengyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

The 4th Communication Exhibition of Chinese and Korea Artists, Shangshang Art Museum ,Beijing, China


Good Luck 2008, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


With love born Singapore,Tembusu Art Gallery, Singapore


Sino-korea Sculptors' Exhibition&Symposium, Xiamen, China

K68 Gallery, Shanghai, China


Folk custom sculpture exhibition, Xiamen, China