Tang Jianying

Endless Dust

As an artist living in Songzhuang for many years, Tang Jianying's painting seems not influenced by Song Zhuang art trends and schools. He deeply immerses himself into the past experiences and memories, with depression and captivity as the subject and main body of his paintings.

No matter big or small, his paintings are always in whole pieces of grey color, and of a simple and plain texture. Endless dust brings about endless desperation and desolation; out of the work sprouts the striking black abatis, confronting, harsh and ferocious; behind the abatis are the plain, expressionless, lifeless, imprisoned and depressed figures. Tang Jianying is cool and calm in the manipulation of paintings. He removes away the shocking cruel scene in which people used to be beat up and tortured, only presents every aspect of the bleakness and languishment in repeated inquiries and retrospections of people after continuous denudation of heart and wreck of body.

Tang Jianying is an artist emphasizing completely personal experience. Despite of the vicissitudes of life, he persists with exploitation into the bottom of memory, concentrates and enlarges the point of pain by the remorseless recall of the past.

Almost all of the trends and schools of Chinese contemporary art are centralizing in Song Zhuang. However, Tang Jianying is honest to his innermost fellings in his art creation. Not Cynical, not Raffish, even not Pop, he is just indifferently on his own way without any disturbance, even if the way is full of frustrations, even if it is a long way.

Russian writer Chekhov created a man who is complacent and conservative by his exaggerative and sarcastic style; Austrian novelist,pioneer of modern literature, Kafka's The Metamorphosis presents the twisty human-insect state of people under the pressure of outside world; and we dare say that Tang Jianying complete the creation of man in net or cage by his grey color, heavy black abatis, and plain figure. No one is not in the net, no one is not in the cage, no one is not in the prison. Some are in corporeal net, some in immaterial net...

In fact, Tang Jianying is not turning a blind eye to the reality, but continuously comparing secretly the reality with memory. We would rather say that Tang Jianying loses his mind in the sad and impressive memory than that his heart is still fluttering with fear facing the helpless and cruel reality. For what the memory is, so is the reality.




Born in Hebei Province, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Tang Jianying Solo Exhibition, 314 Gallery, Bergen, Norway


Art Exhibition of Tangjianying, Today Art Gallery, Beijing, China


Art Exhibition of Tang Jian Ying, Shijiazhuang No.1 Cultural Center, Hebei, China

Selected Group Exhibitions


SH Contemporary Art Fair 2011, by Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Documental Exhibition of Black and White Realism, Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

Songzhuang Art Festival, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China


Sick Chinese•Realism of Black and white, 798, Beijing, China


Red and Black, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Freedom, SoemoFineArts, Beijing, China

Human World And World Signs, Contemporary Arts Exhibition of China, shanghai, China

Power and Pose•Invitation Exhibition of International Contemporary Arts, Beijing, China

Emotion and Situation of China•Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Beijing, China

Ongoing Songzhuang•The 4th Songzhuang Culture And Art Festival, Sogzhuang Art District, Beijing, China

Annual International Art Exhibition, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China

Turning Point•New Realism Art, Beijing, China

Songzhuang Genaration, Chan Gallery, Beijing, China


Black & White Standpoint Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Black and White Realism Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Made in Songzhuang•Songzhuang Artists Recommened Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007 Arts Beijing, Agriculture Exhibition Museum, Beijing, China


Songzhuang Artists Recommened Exhibition, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China

Coming From Songzhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, Holland

Kunstai-2006 Art Fair, Amsterdam, Holland.

Whiteï¹ Black•New Trend-A Group Show of Four Artists, Beijing, China


Wonderful Ten Years of Songzhuang•Art Exhibition of Invited Artists, Beijing, China

Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, China


Guangzhou International Art Fair, Guangdong, China.

The first Group Exhibition of Young Artists, Today Art Museum,Beijing, China


Songzhuang Artists Group Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Exhibition of One Hundred Contemporary Artists, Beijing, China

Countryside Production•Works of Songzhuang Contemporary Artists, Beijing,China


Congcong Art Exhibition, No.1 CuturalCenter, Shijiazhang hebei, china


Hebei Watercolor Exhibtion, Hebei People's Art Center, Shijiazhuamg, Hebei, China