Marc Baufrère

Standing in front of "Landscapes of the Unspoken", by Marc Baufrère, a sort of physical coercion compels you into the heart of the painting. Suddenly light-headed, you can't escape the unceasing commotion of forms, the shadowy forces, like being suspended in empty space.

His technique gives the work the quality of alchemy, as if each painting were an enchanted vehicle, a vehicle transporting you to and from all the diverse moods of the soul. Each work has a noticeable permeability, allowing the spectator to venture into worlds of indeterminate sensations.

Like Antonin Artaud or Henri Michaud before him, Marc Baufrère conducts the inexpressible and fleeting impressions of mental states. His visions become clear with the rhythm of the paint on the canvas, an explosive symbiosis of cerebral flux and painterly execution. Playing with tonalities that are alternatively white-hot, soothing or icy-cold, the forms created produce a charge for the imagination. Once a painting is finished, Baufrère gives it a title that comes spontaneously from the sensations of that particular act of painting:

"I work with an urgency that I've never been able to get away from: the urgency of absolute silence where there is only room for mind; matter annihilating matter."

He works in his own time, partly aligned with notions of the Surrealists, partly beyond them, in a world of his own making. Distancing himself as much as possible to let the properties of the paint, canvas and the moment assert themselves, he becomes an explorer-a discoverer of the very worlds he creates.

Considering the ethereal paintings of Baufrère, one must admit speaking of unidentified subjects the way one would of unidentified flying objects.

His compositions challenge our perception with their vocabulary of primal forms culled from the depths of our collective imagination.




Born in Paris, France

Selected Exhibitions


Marc Baufrère Abstract Art Exhibition

Xinyangguang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Xun Art Museum, Beijing, China

Shijiazhuang Museum, Shijiazhuang, China

Beishang Chongqing Art Space, Chingqing, China


Shimenfeng Culture Park, Wuhan, China

Suzhou Cultural Creative Design Fair, Suzhou, China

Xingtai Flower Art Festival, Xingtai, China

Xi'an International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xi'an, China

Hejunfang Art Space, Beijing, China

Yuanzhen Gallery, Shanghai, China

International Youth Culture Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Nide Museum, Beijing, China

Pace Gallery, Beijing, China

Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing, China

Chinese Art Sunshine Industry Fair, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

The 1st Nanjing International Art Fair, Nanjing, China

Linyi International Art Exhibition, Linyi, China


Dang Da Ming Jia Yaoqing Zhan, Lijiang, China

Art Beijing (Beijing-China)

Wutong International Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Da He Gulf Museum, Beijing, China

Not Strangers at Huan Dao Gallery, Beijing, China

Park Fine Art Gallery, Albuquerque, U.S.A

16th Art Expo, Beijing, China

Cross Gallery, Beijing, China

Rodin gallery, Beijing, China


CAD Galerie, Huy, Belgium

Huitai international, Tianjin, China

Zibo International Art Exhibition, Zibo, China

EW Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea

Almelec Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Park Fine Art, Albuquerque, U.S.A.

Wutong International Art Gallery, Beijing, China

5th Beijing International Art Biennale at the national museum of Beijing, China


Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris, France

Cross gallery, Beijing, China

Permanence Gallery, 798-Beijing, China

Li Shu Bar Gallery, Song Zhuang, Beijing, China

Liyi university international exhibition, Liyi, China


Salon paneuropéen, Paris, France

Sun Shine museum, Beijing, China

Asia Art Funds Gallery, Caochangdi, Beijing, China

"Couleurs de France" Shandong International Art Center, Jinan, China

JinDu Art Center, Beijing, China

SOLO Resonances: Museum of fine Arts, Wuhan, China

Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris, France


Integration-Chinese and French Abstract Art Exhibition, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Salon Paneuropeen, Paris, France


Brigadoon Romain ville, Paris, France

Galerie "Art Fort Reveur" (Bruxelles) ( Belgium)

New Sun Shine Museum, Beijing, China


Salon des réalités nouvelles, Paris, France

Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China

Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris, China

Since 2005

Permanent painter at the Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris, France


Brigadoon Romainville, Paris, France

From 2003 on

The necessity to devote himself completely to painting, seems an evidence. All of his existence, his consciousness, his knowledge converge into it.

" I don't work like Van Eyk, Van Gogh, Matisse ou Duchamps, I neither want to inscribe nor to subtract, the extraction happens by itself. I work in a constant urgency. I never could get rid of it. The urgency of absolute silence where there is only room for the mind, matter destroy matter. He is not me who is painting, but through me that "it" paints."


Salon des Artistes de l'Est Parisien  1er Prix, Paris, France

Salon de Fontenay sous bois


Salon des Artistes de l'Est Parisien  1er Prix, Paris, France


Galerie de l'escalier, Paris, France

Salon de Romainville, Paris, France


K.O.H. , Paris, France

Salon de Romainville, Paris, France

Europe 2000 au Grand Palais, Paris, France


Galerie Mezzanine ( Nanterre ) ( Paris )

Centre Pablo Neruda ( Corbeil ) ( Paris )

Chez M. Weymans, Agent d'art, Paris, France

Salon de Romainville, Paris, France