Wu Yiqiang




Born in Kunming, Yunnan, China


Graduated from Fine Art Department of Yunnan Art Institute, Yunnan, China

Living in Kunming, Beijing, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Wu Yiqiang Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Selected Group Exhibtions


History and Future, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Exquisite Tower-Group Exhibition of Yuannan & Songzhuang Artists, Yuanxiaocen Art Museum, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Utopia Explore-Art Community, Rainbow Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Surpass The Culture horizon, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Macrocyclic and Small Circle-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Zero Residence, Beijing, China

Look At The Alley-Shiny Courtyard Art, Sanyingtang Gallery, Beijing, China

Monologue II-Representation and performance of The Individual Experience, A4 Gallery, Chengdu, China

Reform History-Invitation Art Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

‘Warm Winter'Plan-‘I do not believe that', Dongying Art District, Beijing, China


"Warm Winter"Plan-"I do not believe that", Zhengyang Art District, Beijing, China

"Mixed" and "Share" CC item Beijing 798 leading space

Reread Artworks, 798 Shangshi Space, Bejing, China

"Experience•Stunning", Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jaguar 4S Center, Beijing, China

"Fusion" , Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Qinghe Contemporary Art Museum, Nanjiang, China

It's Only Paper•Exhibition of Three Artsists, Jiushi Space, 798, Beijing, China

Gratuitous Reality, Hezhonghe Gallery, Beijing,China

First Youth Art Biennial in Chongqing, Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Chongqing, China

"Experimental•Contemporary" Invitation Art Works Exhibition, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

"Hand Feelings", Jinan Zuoyou Contemporary Art Museum, Jinan, China

The 1st Zhuangshengchongguang SOGO International Arts Festival, Beijing, China The Sixtieth Anniversary of PRC Foundation•Hong Kong Invitation Exhibition, Hong Kong, China

"Melting" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

China's Situation•Chongqing Inn, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chongqing 501 Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China


The 1st "Southwest Power" Contemporary Art Touring Exhibition, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, China

Beijing Eight Art Environment, London, UK

2008 Gwangju Biennale Exhibition of Three Chinese Contemporary Artists, LINE Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

August Invitation Art Exhibition, 798 LING space, Beijing, China

Artists Exhibition 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, A gallery, Beijing, China

Asian International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, China

China's Situation•Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

The Identity and transformation of Chinese contemporary art, Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Multiple Perspectives•11 Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition, You Gallery, Beijing, China

"Critical Mass" International Union Art Exhibition, Huang Yan Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

Bologna Art Fair, Italy


"Content My Heart" Contemporary Art Exhibition, 897 Space, Song Zhuang, Beijing, China

"Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair of Young Artists Exhibition(Asia) ", Shanghai, China

"99 Tents, 99 Dreams", Art Beijing, Left-Right Art Zone Peripheral Exhibition, Beijing, China

"Chinese Contemporary Art Identity and Transformation", TCG Nordica /Uddvala Bohuslans, Sweden

"Transparency of The Board", Everest, Tibet, China

"The marching Kunming", Sensation Art Space, Chongqing, China

"Sweet & Sour" Contemporary art exhibition, Dong Xi gallery, Vestfossen, Norway

The 3rd Guiyang Biennale, Guiyang Fine Art Museum, Guizhou, China

"The 2nd Art Supermarket Exhibition", Shenzhen COCOPARK Square, China

"Collaborative Book", Kunming, KaWa Bo Ge Art Space, China

"New Power-China", Shanghai Art Museum, China


"TuTu Art 2006", Yunnan University Fine Art Museum, China

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China

WO/OW, Hamme, Belgium

"Contagious Love"-HIV/AIDS project, TCG Nordica, Kunming, China

"East & West" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Brussels University Art Museum, Belgium

"New Power-China" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Yuan Gong Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Exhibition of the Fifth Anniversary of Kunming Loft, Well Gallery, Kunming, China

Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China

"Friends", TCG Nordica, Kunming, China


"Lost and Reborn", Works on Paper Exhibition, 598 Underground Art Space, Kunming, China

"East and West", Contemporary Art Interchange Exhibition, Kunming, China

"The true character's hard to alter" Chinese contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen, China

"Guangzhou Triennial", Guangzhou, China


Chinese-Korean Modern Art Exhibition, Chongqing Tank Art Center, Chongqing, China

"Present" Contemporary Art Exhibition, TCG Nordica, Kunming, China

"Grand Military Review" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yunnan National Museum, China

"Self-justifying", Peripheral Exhibition of Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai, China


"Wall Paper", Kunming Loft, China


"Experience Kunming", Experimental Art Exhibition, Kunming Loft, China


Yunnan Oil Painting Exhibition, Yunnan Art Gallery, China


Yunnan Provincial Oil Paintings Exhibition, Yunnan Provincial Museum, China


"Individualism", Yunnan Art Gallery, China


A Propellant Exhibition, Yunnan Arts Institute, China