Gao Zengli

Fragments - Gao Zengli's Oil Paintings

The paintings of Gao Zengli are fragments of his memories reconstructed. They are illusory imageries suspended in his mind. What, visually, appear like portraits of some famous personalities such as the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Pu-yi, and Chairman Mao are, in fact, mere symbols employed by Gao for his artistic expression.

Born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province in 1964, Gao finished his art training in the Shandong Academy of Fine Art and later in the National Academy of fine Art in Paris, France. In recent years, he splits his time working between Paris and Beijing. The dissimilarity of the life-style of these two cities has coerced him to put in proper prospective the question of identity as well as deepening his appreciation of the Chinese culture.

Gao loves to deploy his art from a historical standpoint, as the figures whom he has used in his works usually bring with them specific values, experiences, sentiments as well as contrasting feelings. Using characters such as Pu-yi, Mao and Deng Xiaoping as his symbols, Gao hopes to tap into the reservoir of emotions embedded in the modern history of China.

"I like the environs of darkness and express myself in black and grey colours. The grey scale between black and white is useful in reflecting memories of the past as I strive to discover sunshine amidst darkness,"  he commented.




Born in Lanzhou, Gabsu Province, China


Graduated from Shandong College of Arts and Crafts, Shandong, China


Finished Study in Paris National Academy of Fine Arts, Paris, France

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Gao Zengli, Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris, France


Remnants, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong


Gao Zengli's Solo Exhibition at Hania Bailly, Swiss

Gao Zengli·True Shadow, Found Museum, Beijing, China


Fighting: Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Found Museum, Beijing, China


The Wall-Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China


A l'ombre du réel, Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris, France

The Real Shadow·Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Zhuzao Art Gallery, Beijing, China


Fragmemts·Art Beatus, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Gao Zengli·Le dernier Empereur, Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris, France


Research of Ancient and Modern·Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

Traces of Time·Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Jingdu Art Center, Beijing, China


Orange Park Exhibition Hall of Luxembourg Museum-Invitation Solo Exhibition, Paris, France

Icons, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong


Guangdong International Art Fair, French Solo Exhibition Booth, Guangzhou, China


France Autumn Salon-Gao Zengli Invitation Solo Exhibition, France


La Defense Arch 36th Exhibition Center-Gao Zengli Solo Exhibition, Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Shots·Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris, France


SH Contemporary Art Fair 2011, by Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Art Fair Hong Kong 2011, Hong Kong

Unrelated, Modern Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan


Art Fair Hong Kong 2009, Hong Kong

Art Paris, Paris, France

China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China


Art Paris, Burnham, Paris, France

Artbeatus Gallery, Hong Kong

Shanghai International Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China

Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China

Ongoing China, Moscow, Russia


Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

Taipei Art Fair, Taiwan

Art Beijing, Beijing, China

Taiwan Modern Gallery, Taiwan

Jam Jar gallery, Dubai

MEYER-LE BIHAN Gallery, Paris

ADLER Gallery, District 8 Paris


Jingdu Art Center, Beijing, China

GORI Foundation for Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy

Melbourne Art Fair, Australia

Artbeatus Gallery, Hong Kong

Loft Gallery, Paris, Hong Kong, Barcelona

France ARCURIAL, 20th Century Chinese Art Auctions, Paris

CRILLON Hotel-Eagle Salon, Paris, France

MEYER-LE BIHAN Gallery, Paris, France

Provence Culture Art Exhibition Center-Chinese Culture Year in Provence City, France


The Thousand Art Festival, Champagne-Ardenne, France


Mark 2000 Modern Art Salon, District 16 Paris, France

BRAUX STE COHIERE Castle, the 33rd Champagne-Ardenne Art Festival, France

Metz Art Expo, Metz, France

Europe Gallery, District 6 Paris, France


Europe Gallery, District 6 Paris, France

Mark 2000 Modern Art Salon, District 16 Paris, France

Nimes International Modern Art Expo, Nimes, France

Essonne Biennial, France

Strasbourg Modern Art Expo, France


ARCANE17 Gallery, District 8 Paris, France

France Art Foundation-TAYLOR Gallery, District 9 Paris, France

Nimes International Modern Art Expo, Nimes, France

ARCANE17 Gallery, District 8 Paris, France

CANDORCET Gallery, Prance


ARCANE17 Gallery, District 8 Paris, France

Awarded With the 1st Prize in Paris Autumn Salon, Paris, France

Louvre 2000 Salon, Paris, France

Won the 1st Prize in 2000 VIRY CHATILLON Modern Art Salon, VIRY CHATILLON, France