Ma Te

In those Photos I wanted to show a new View of China, a new view of Chinas Women.

I want show them strong and Independent in a state of mind and sexual. The Title Dogeater is also a way to talk about the Misunderstanding look Western People have of China. Dogeater is a Word Play from Man eater a Girl who can have many Men, the Opposite Picture of the Chinese Women who married her First Man who is chosen by her Parents.  And The Western View that Chinese People eat Dogs which is in most Parts not true anymore, at least the Younger Generations will not.

So this all together the new Independents and the new Generation of Chinese Girls is subject of this work.

Little Lolita Girl or how I call It (Alone with Many)

Is a Other Work who talk more about the Loneliness of Chinese Girls in Beijing. The Girl in this Photo is 18 Years old when we did the Photos. She is a very small Girl 156 cm.

The Clothes are her own and her style of Fashion. With 16 she came to Beijing without Family. Her Parents are divorce and her Mom didn't want her around anymore. We talked a lot about her Family, The Father left when she was 13 and already have a new Family and a Child with his new Wife. So She and her Mom lived alone and her Mother Projected all her hate for the Father on her Daughter. So sometimes she slapped her or put Cigarettes out on her Face and Body.

Little Lolita Feel quite Lost in this Big City Beijing but that's her situation and her new Home now. She worked different Jobs and also made a Punk Band with her Boyfriend together.

The Feeling of Being Lost in Beijing is all around me, maybe especially because BJ is such a full City its easy to think so. Who I am what make me special when I am just one and we are so many ones...