Yin Jun

Yin Kun's works mostly depict realistic scenes of the 1960s and 1970s, and the reason why we can accurately reflect the historical time he depicts is that several specific image symbols always appear in his pictures - dress, red flowers, flags, etc. We can find that the characters in any scene are replaced by a group of similar-looking bald heads in his pictures, with expressions The expressions are simple and dumb, with snot and saliva. When asked why he set this image, he humorously gave us the answer: "This is the best interpretation of self-image, "foolish people have foolishness, small people also have great wisdom" - play silly, dumb, pretend to be cute, this is the small people in this authoritarian society This is the way of survival of small people in this authoritarian society. The reason he decided to use such an image as his creative identity was the "Internet Fatty" that appeared on the Internet, and because the "Fatty" was very much like himself.

    In his works, cartoon images and bright colors are the most distinctive signs, and he makes good use of high purity colors to create a sense of joy in his images. He makes use of high purity colors to create a sense of joy in his images, which vaguely reveal artistic expressions such as pop, cynical realism, and kitsch, but the sense of fun of fairy tales transcends these forms. Under the bright colors are flirtation, frivolity and emptiness, and at the same time, it also leads to the artist's reflection on the state of human existence and criticism of the current social situation. "I have no intention to explain myself or hire someone to whitewash my works, in fact, everyone will have their own interpretation, this is a common sense. This is a quote from the artist Yin Kun in his preface. As you can see from this paragraph, Yin Kun is a straightforward and simple artist, in his life and creation, you can only see his sincerity and the story he wants to tell in each work, and he also hopes that the audience is in a relaxed mood when looking at his works.




Born in Sichuan, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong Grand Hyatt,Hong Kong


Weeping Force, Eight GALLERY,Beijing, China


Seoul, Korea Solo Exhibition, Korea

Solo Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Solo Exhibition, Taiwan


Alternative Artists, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions


Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2016, Hong Kong


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2015, Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2015, Hong Kong


Hotel Art Fair, Hong Kong

Splendid Ethics 2·Self-generation, Seoul, Korea


Eight Gallery Shanghai Museum Opening Exhibition, Shanghai

Eight Gallery Exhibition, Shanghai


Korea Jeju Museum of Modern Art Exhibition, Korea

Brothers Exhibition, Taiwan

Exhibition of Korean brothers, Korea

Songzhuang Generation, Beijing, China


Road on the way Beijing

Out of Songzhuang, Beijing, China

International Gallery Exposition 2007, Beijing International Trade Center, Beijing, China

International Gallery Exposition 2007 in Seoul, Korea

Mirror·Fable and lie, Beijing, China

Wall Wall·Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China

British Contemporary Artists, UK

Art House Netherlands, The Netherland


Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China

No and Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Beijing, China

Exhibition of Contemporary Professional Artists Jen Gallery, Beijing, China

Songzhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, Netherlands

Kunstrai 2006, Netherlands

Gallery Exposition, ARTLUNDON Station, United Kingdom

Kunstai 2006·Holland Art Fair, The Netherland

Songzhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, Netherlands

Exhibition of Contemporary Professional Artists, Jen Gallery,Beijing, China


The First Session of The Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing, China

Twelfth China Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, China

Young Artists Exhibition, Beijing, China