Hua Qing

Living in the fast-pace, digital information filled world, we hardly have the time to closely observe the world we live in today and to think over the life-turning opportunities that might have passed us by. As public media becomes our main information resource, we start to loose our ability to distinguish what enfolds in front of our eyes. Chinese artist Hua Qing, whose works contains profound connotation responding to the contemporary life, incorporates philosophies and theories in his paintings. He strives to inspire self re-examination and allows the vigorous brush strokes to provoke viewers' emotion.Over the years, Hua Qing had resided in many different places with diverse culture, such as Vienna, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Taiwan, and China.

The artist has experienced the vast difference between Western and Eastern culture. Moreover, witnessing the civil war that broke out in the Eastern Europe shaped the content of his creativeworks. Through painting, he investigates the purpose and product of civilization.  Hua Qing was first known for the dramatically painted red apes and the juxtaposition of apes and scientific and mathematic symbols. The artist's works are inspired by French philosopher's famous statement: Cogito ergo sum(I think, therefore I am.) Through his works, he investigates the relationship between human being and other living species, and at the same time, he re- examines the meaning of human civilization. As he continues to explore different subject matters, Hua Qing has developed his unique visual language. In his recent works, he has painted animals other than apes and Stonehenge monument, and he has placed these subject matters in front of symbols of philosophical, literal, mathematical, and artistic development hoping to inspire reassessment on the purpose of our establishment and future progress.




Born in Anhui, China


Graduated from art school in An Hui Province, China


Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Human Upanishad, Hua Qing Solo Exhibition, Yang Hualang Gallery, Beijing, China


Hua Qing Solo Exhibition, 1st Sound Gallery, Beijing, China


"Twelve human face" - 2013 Hua Qing Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


"person-thing" - 2012 Chinese celebrate New Works Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


"Numerology" - Hua Qing Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


"I think, therefore I am" - 2010 Chinese celebrate New Works, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

"thinking" - Hua Qing Solo Exhibition, Megumi Ogita Gallery, Japan


"magic thinking - Hua Qing 2009", Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

"Hua Qing Solo Exhibition", Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China


"Man of the Upanishads" - Huaqing 2008, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


Art Space Life Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

"Hua Qing - who fable", Osage Gallery, Singapore


Crown Art Gallery, Hsinchu


North Village Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


Grafck Kolitiv Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Studio Galerije Forum Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

KC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana Bank, Slovenia


Beijing Artists Association Gallery, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions


Disintegration·Chinese-Italy Art Biennale, Beijing, China


Venice Biennale Exhibition Outside, Venice, Italy

Ever-young·Chinese-Italy Art Biennale, Turin, Italy


55th Venice Biennale exhibition parallel large independent projects in China, "Culture spirit Generate" Mora Palace, Venice, Italy


Art Beijing Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


Art Beijing Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing

"jet lag" - 2012 German cultural exhibition, Hannover, Germany


Art Beijing Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

Expo 2011 Shanghai Contemporary Asian Art Center, Shanghai, China


Art Beijing Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


Hong Kong Art Fair, Asia Art Center, Hong Kong, China


Taipei Art Fair, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Singapore Art Fair, Asia Art Center, Singapore

Bridge Art Fair Expo, Asia Art Center, New York, United States

Blue Dot Asia Expo, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

"China Now Now 2" Armstrong Portland Art Fair 2008, Canvas International Art, Maitland Armstrong, Netherlands

"Crossroads", Opera Gallery, Singapore


"Heaven - China frontier Contemporary Art Exhibition", Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

"things instead of" Asian Art Center / Doosan Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Art Beijing Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

China International Gallery Exposition, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

"History and Beyond", Zhuo Pu Arts Center, Kaohsiung

"ferocious animal", ink Gallery, Beijing, China

"Made in China", Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China
"mobile society - Contemporary Art Exhibition", Huan Tie Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


"Art Beijing" Fair, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

"Mobile socialism", 798 Space, Beijing, China

"Red Star Red Star Red Star" Nine Show, Red Star Gallery, Beijing, China

"I want to move," Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China

"exercise", Aasa Museum of Art, Hong Kong, China


International World Art Fair, Beijing, China

International Print Biennale 1993 Ljubljana, Slovenia


SOAS Gallery, Vienna, Austria


International Triennale, Osaka, Japan


Excellence Award 1997 International Art Fair, Beijing, China
1991 Rogaska Salatina International Art Award of Excellence, Slovenia