Wang Yigang

Wang Yigang began his career in the early 1980s, at the beginning of his studies of art he was influenced by cubism and futurism. He was the winner of the national youth art prize in the national youth art exhibition in 1985.

During his 25 years career, the artist Wang Yiang has shown pluralism in style from figurative to abstract expressionism and pop art. the artist's works has been exhibited throughout the world, in china, in beijing, shenyang and shanghai, but also in japan, singapore, the russian federation and the united states. he has also exhibited his works in europe, particularly in spain and germany.




Born in Qiqiha'er City,Heilongjiang Province


Graduated from the Oil Painting Department at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang China

Now Curator of Art Museum of Luxun Fine Arts Academy, Shenyang, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Exposition " CROIRE SES YEUX ", Paris, France

Anti-Abstraction: A New Method Established by Description, Process and Body - Painting Exhibition of WANG Yigang in 2016, Xi'An Museum, Xi'An, Chine


Nothing About Distance, Jolie Art Gallery, Shenyang, Chine


In Between Color and Mood, Soka Art Center, Pékin, Chine


From West to East,Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Chine

WANG Yigang's Abstract Art Retrospective of 20 Years, Today Museum, Pékin, Chine

"Retrospective Exhibition of Yigang Wang's Abstract Art" in Today Art Museum, Beijing,China


This is Not the Chinese Landscape by WANG Yigang, Singapore

From Little Appearance to This is Not the Chinese Landscape, HWA'S Gallery, Shanghai, Chine


"We are all responsible", in Yuan Gong Gallery,Shanghai,China

"Made in America",in Gallery of St.Georges University,Washington , USA

"At That Time and That Place",in Gallery of Maryland University, USA


"Chinese Mountains and Waters ", in Double Visual Gallery, California, USA.


"Growing Up under the Red Flag", in Double Visual Gallery, California, USA

"Growing Up under the Red Flag",in Double Visual Gallery, California, USA

Selected Group Exposition


Contemporary Chinese Works on Papers, Waterfront Gallery, Londre, Angleterre.

The Working of Non-Figurative System,Right View Museum,Pékin, Chine.

The Era of the Bards - The Poetry in Chinese Contemporary ART, Art Orientation Gallery, Shenzhen, Chine. The Research Exhibition of Abstract Art in Chine, Today Museum, Pékin, Chine.


Art Historical Flashbacks - Another Path in Chinese Contemporary Art, Elion Art Gallery, Pékin, Chine.

Abstract Art and Its Chine Reference, ARSSpace, Pékin, Chine

Liberating the Past From the Present: Contemporary Art in China, Pékin, Chine

Post-Academy, Research exhibition of the Eight Academies of Fine Arts' Oil Paintings, Guangzhou, Chine


Social Landscape, The "Landscape Narration" in Chinese Contemporary Painting As Well As Its Cultural Concept Changes, Chengdu, Chine.

1960, Springs Space of Art, Pékin, Chine

Re-Encoding: The Rhetoric and the Narrative's reconstruction, ParkViewGreen Art Gallery, Pékin, Chine


Voice of the Unseen, Biennale de Venice, Venice, Italy.


Guang Zhou Triennale·Reconstruction, Guang Dong Art Museum, Guang Dong, China

JinTihu Biennale, Basai Fine Art Museum, Suzhou, China

Invisible Form·Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Karl Shute Art Center, Germany

In Contemporary·Chinese Oil Paintings Biennale, China Art Museum, Beijing, China


"Ruins--Face of Contemporary Northeast China",Soka Art Center,Beijing,China

"Commemoration-10th Anniversary of Soka Art Beijing"Soka Art Center,Beijing,China


"Chineseness-2010 Documentary Exhibition of Contempary Rearch-Art "in Shuzhou Comtempary Art Museum

"Reshaping History-2000-2009China New Art" International Conference Center,Beijing,China


"MIX",Sino-France Contempary Art Exhibition,in Shenyang,China

"Crash-Case about China Contempary Art Experiment" in Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing,China


"Illegally"in Long March space",Beijing,China

"Opening Exhibition of Shangshang Galleryt",in Shong Village ,Beijing,China


"The International Art Fair of Washington DC", in USA

"Contemporary Art Exhibiton of Northern China", in Geningen Gallery, Germany

"Multiple Co-Existence",Contempary Art Exhibition between China and Korea in Seoul Contempary Art Museum ,Korea

"Sleep in Ten Years", Opening Exhibition of Hemu Park in Shong Village,Beijing,China

"Social Underclass Humanities Exhibition", in Shong Village, Beijing,China

"China Contempary Art Exhibition", in Seoul, Korea


"Made in America", in Xidong Cheng Art Studio,Beijing,China

"From Arctic to Tiexi Strict-Northeastern China Contemporary Art Exhibition" in Guangdong Art Gallery,China

"Exhibition of Contemporary Art Exchange between China and Germany" Beijing,China

"Faramita shore this shore", in Red Star Gallery of Beijing,Beijing,China

"the Third Space",Abstract Painting Invitational Exhibition, in Shanghai Art Gallery,China

"Exhibition of China Contemporary Art and literature" in The China millennium monumen