Hu Yang

I try to keep away from all depictions about "bigness", and such contents as grandness, dignity, suffering, admiration, praise, snarl, censure are not included in my expression. It is because I have found the true "self". I'm not a hatred person and also do not have so many profound questions to discuss. Painting as the painter, simple, interesting, that's enough.




Born in Xinjiang, China


Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Now lives and works in Beijing, China

Selected Exhibitions


HI21New Art Market, Guanshe, Beijing, China

No Paper, Unknown Space, Dalian, China


Test, Hengtong International Creation Garden C6, Beijing, China

Lives Under The Sky, Shanlang Art Space, Hangzhou, China

Weak Light, Shidaifangyuan Gallery, Beijing, China

Fake Beauty, Shengshitiankong Art Museum, Beijing, China

Youth Art 100, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

Money Comes·Touring Art Exhibition Concerning Money, China Financial Museum Art Center, Beijing, China

Whiplash!!!·10 Years Group Show of Lights Echo, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

HI21New Art Market, Guanshe, Beijing, China

Stars Plan·Contemporary Youth Artists Promotion Activity·We Start With Morning Stars·Beijing 1st Exhibition, Shu Art Museum, Beijing, China

Utopia·Art Ideal Land, Ullens Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

Asia Youth Artists Nomination Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


Time V Youth Art Exhibition, Shu Art Museum, Beijing, China

Youth of Three Achieves·2015 Youth Thinkers·Courage and freedom, Beijing, Huangchang Art Museum, Beijing, China