Tan Suz Chiang

About Tan Suz Chiang’s creation

Suz Chiang has always tried to break the rules of conventional watercolour painting. He believes that an artist has to constantly improve and challenge himself, to ensure that he evolves to the next higher level of artistry. Over the years, Suz Chiang has developed an astonishingly free way of painting using a dynamic palette of colours and style. He believes that Art is more than just capturing a scene or memory, it tells a story, evokes critical thinking of the viewers, and laying bare the emotions of the artist for all to marvel.  With this philosophy in mind, Suz Chiang develops paintings with strong compositions, interesting perspectives and above all, strength and vibrancy in his colour compositions.

Suz Chiang’s latest artistic evolution uses a contemporary approach towards traditional watercolour techniques, challenging norms, and experiments with a capricious style. It is a combination of seemingly contrasting painting techniques: Batik, Chinese Ink and traditional watercolour techniques.

Suz Chiang recognizes the potential in these two particular techniques to develop his art works, and therefore, challenges himself using his watercolour ability to recreate the Batik and Ink Painting effects in his paintings. Suz Chiang also infuses some form of Abstract Expressionism in his works by allowing his moods and feelings to dictate his vibrant use of colours and strength in his execution. Although his effortless technique seems to be gestural in nature, it is meticulously structured and planned. The result is a miraculous and effective fusion of cultures, emotions and rhythmic harmony.

Suz Chiang expresses his love of spontaneity, shape, and colour; and tries to create atmospheric mood and feelings, in all his works. Suz Chiang’s paintings delight his viewers and give them a glimpse of his life experiences which are often challenging, emotional and uplifting. His works are full of reminiscences of his earlier life and brings us into his world of lost heritage. Although his works are filled with cheerful and bright pastel colours to create a pleasant sensory experience for his viewers, you cannot help but sense that there is a deeper meaning in his works and the inner struggle of the artist to keep the love for his heritage alive. Suz Chiang is narrating a story of lost “love” and the cruelty of time fading our precious memories. He seems to be challenging us to remember a place that we love, to close our eyes, and to recapture the image of that particular building, that particular place, or that particular scenery….. as he believes that what we see in our mind is a vague, “misty”, and possibly abstract memory that is similar to his works. He archives the essence of his memories and his subjects as a fleeting moment in time, and he uses his spontaneous way of painting and use of colours, to record effectively the light and images in its many guises and the drama of that moment in his life. In a personal way, his paintings form pages in his artistic-diary which attempts to express his interests, experiences and the place he finds himself connected to at any given time. His “modern”-artistic style, which is clearly a fusion of techniques and culture, seems to lament that heritage is slowly losing its place to modernization.




Boin in  Johor, Malaysia


Education Diploma in Fine Art, Central Academy of Art


Signature Member of  American Watercolor Society (AWS), USA

Signature Member of National Watercolor Society (NWS), USA

Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI)

Malaysian Watercolor  Society

Singapore Watercolor Society

Solo Exhibition


"No Limits" Y2ARTS Gallery, Singapore


"Reminiscence" Art Expo, Malaysia

"Reminiscence" Y2ARTS Gallery, Singapore


"Expression of watercolour" Red House, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


"Colour of Life" Pan Puteri Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Johor Art Gallery, Pan Puteri Hotel, JB , Ming Gallery  Shuzhou , China

And in Private Collection in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Poland, USA , Taiwan and Japan

Group Exhibitions


Art Jakarta, Indonesia.

Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore.


Art Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Art Affordable Fair, Singapore.

Asian Watercolour Expression III,  Indonesia.

Formosa Art Show, Taiwan.

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong.

Watercolor Exhibition for The 234 year Anniversary of Rattanakosin, Thailand.

Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore.


Art Taipei, Taiwan.

Art Expo , Malaysia.

Art Affordable Fair, Singapore.

Art Affordable Fair, Hong Kong.

46th Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Singapore.

The Colours of Contemporary Art – Project by Mercedes-Benz and Y2ARTS , Singapore.


45th Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Singapore.

Singapore Art Fair, Singapore.

Art Affordable Fair, Singapore.

1st Grand Malaysian Watercolor International Exhibition, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong.


Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.

1001 Malaysian Artists and Sculptors, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Art Malaysia Art Tourism Fair 2013 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Art + Compassion , 44th Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition in Singapore.

Favourite Artists ll Book Launch and Exhibition at Penang State Art Gallery, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


Watercolour Gems , 43rd Singapore Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition in Singapore.

Penang Water Colour Society’s 29th Annual Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery, Penang. Malaysia.


The 2nd MWS and PWCS joint exhibition , The Malaysian Watercolour Society and Penang Water Colour Society.


Heritage of Penang & Singapore, Penang Watercolour Society’s 27th Annual Exhibition a joint exhibition with Singapore Watercolour Society.

The 1st MWS and PWCS joint exhibition 2010 , Malaysian Watercolour Society and Penang Water Colour Society. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Iskandar Malaysia Contemporary Art Show 2009, Johor. Malaysia.

Apresiasi Seni & Alam , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


The Form And Soul Of Johor an exhibition of Contemporary from Johor, organized by Balai Seni Lukis Negara, Malaysia.


Enchanting Land, Colourful Life ,National Gallery, organized by Balai Seni Lukis Negara, Putrajaya Corporation & Malaysian Watercolour Organization . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Malaysian Watercolours Society Annual Exhibition , organized by Malaysian Watercolour Organization.



Mary Spivey Memorial Award -  47th National Exhibition, California Watercolor   Association, USA

Holbein Artists Materials Award – 40th Annual International Exhibition , North East    Art Watercolor Society, USA.

Excellence Award – IWS China 1ST International Watercolour Exhibition , China

Top 10 artists ¬- International Watercolor Young Masters Invitational Exhibition, Handan,  China

Signature Member of America Watercolor Society –  (AWS)


Honorable Mention - China/National Watercolor Society (NWS) Small Watercolor Painting Art Exchange Exhibition 2015/2016, China/USA.

Juror Peter Frank Award – Combined Cash Award lll  and  Travel Exhibit  for the  95th  National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition , NWS Main Gallery, San Pedro, USA.

NWWS  Diamond  Award -  First Place - 75th Annual International Open Exhibition, Northwest Watercolor Society, Washington State Convention Center, Washington, USA.

Diploma  Award -  International Watercolor Biennial CASTRA , Slovenia.

Gold Level Guerilla Painter Merchandise Award  -  Pikes Peak  Watercolor Society’s  International Watermedia, Colorado Springs, Library 21c, USA.

Honorable Mention & Special Award  -  4th  IWS "Homer Lover and Peace Through Art" International Watercolor Festival & Contest in Bornova, Izmir, Turkey.

Honorable Mention  -  45th Annual International Exhibition , Louisiana Watercolor Society,    New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Louisiana, USA.

Helene H.Ross Award  & The People Choice Award  -  6th annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition, "World of Watercolor",  Fallbrook Art Center, USA.

Honorable Mention Award  -  The Artists Magazine All Media Online Art Competition , The Artists Magazine, USA


Excellence International Artists Award International Art Camp and Exhibition, Malaysia

4th Place CWA Signature Members Award – The 45th National Exhibition of California Watercolour Association , Harrington Gallery , USA

Bronze Prize – Nanjing International Art Festival, China.

First Prize – Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival, China

Winsor & Newton Award – Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition, London, UK


Philadelphia Watercolour Society Award for Excellence and Traveling Exhibit for the 93rd National Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, USA

Signature Member of National Watercolor Society –  (NWS)

Savoir Faire: Fabrino/Raphael Award – Pikes Peak Watercolor Society International Watermedia – LEGACY 2013 Awards , USA


Faber Castell Award – 87th Annual Open Juried Exhibition of CSPWC/SCPA,Canadian Society of Painters In Watercolour 2012, Canada


Special Prize – China –Asean Youth Artwork Creativity Contest (Oil Painting), China.


Special Prize – 1st Putrajaya National Watercolour competition 2006 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Special Prize – 2003 Johor Open Competition for the Visual Art Rendition, Johor, Malaysia


Special Prize – Buncho National Watercolor Award 2000, Selangor.


4th Prize – Johor Temple Sketching, Johor Bahru

1st Prize – Central Academy Oil Painting Competition, Johor Bahru

Juried Exhibitions


1st International Watercolor Exhibition China, Shanghai.

40th International Exhibition, North East Watercolour Society, USA.

93rd  Annual Exhibition, Vivid : The Luminous World of Watercolor, Australia Watercolor Institute, Australia.

4th edition of the International Prize “ Marche d’Acqua ” Fabriano Watercolor Biennial, Italy.

Splash 18, Value + Light - Best of Watercolor , NORTH LIGHT BOOK, USA.

149th Annual  International  Exhibition , American Watercolor Society, New York, USA.


2nd Nanjing International Art Festival,  China.

Shenzhen International Watrecolor Biennial China,  Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen, China.

Splash 17, Inspiring Subjects ¬- Best of Watercolor , NORTH LIGHT BOOK, USA.

Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition, Bankside Gallery, Club, London, UK.

148th Annual International Exhibition , American Watercolour Society, The Salmagundi Club, New York, USA.


94th National Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, USA.

2 edition Eau en Couleurs International Watercolour Biennial, Belgium.

34th Annual International Exhibition Prospectus, San Diego Watercolour Society, USA.

147th Annual International Exhibition – American Watercolour Society (AWS), USA.

Top 23 Finalists of the “The Art of Watercolour’s first World Watercolour Competition” exhibited at Narbonne, France.


Travelling Exhibit of the “ISEA/NWS Wales International Exchange Exhibit” ,USA.

88 th Annual Open Juried Exhibition of CPWC/SCPA, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour 2013 ”, Canada.

4th International Watercolours Biennale Vada + Farba Belarusian Artists Union, Polotsk, The Republic of Belarus.

Watercolour Missouri International Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2013, National Churchill Museum, USA.


International Jakarta Art Award 2012, Indonesia.

2nd Zhu Jia Jiao International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition, China.

Invited Artist


Hua Hin Blu Port World Watercolor Arts Biennale 2016, Thailand.

Taiwan World Watercolor Competition & Exhibition, Taiwan.

Watercolor International  lll, Piraeus Bank Centre Gallery, Greece.  

International Master of Watercolor Asia & Mexico, National Museum of Watercolor Mexico City,  Watercolour & Culture, Mexico.


International Watercolor Elite Exhibition & 10th anniversary exhibition of Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association, Taipei, Kaosiung, Taiwan.

Qingdao International Youth Watercolor Exhibition, Qingdao Art Museum , China.

Ha Noi International Watercolour Painting Exhibition , Viet Nam Fine Art Museum, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Homer Lover and Peace through Art Watercolour festival & Contest, Municipality of Bornova, Turkey.

World Watercolour Triennale Korea , Hangaram Art Gallery, Seoul. Korea.

The 1st China (Suzhou) Watercolour Asia Exhibition, MING Gallery of Art, Suzhou, China.

70th Anniversary of The Basque Watercolour Association Exhibition (BWA) : 21st  Century Watercolour, a vision of future, Bilbao, Spain.


The Master of Watercolour Exhibition St. Petersburg, Russia

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Art Exhibition 2014 at Hatyai Art Gallery, Thailand.

The World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand, Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand.


I LOVE WATERCOLOUR EXHIBITION 2013 Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery, Shanghai, China.

Hatyai Watercolour Painting Exhibition 2013 at Hatyai Art Gallery, Thailand.


The 1st Exhibition of Visual Art with ASEAN Art, Thailand.

The Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Grand Festival, Korea.


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Masters of Watercolor- From East to West , Russia (2015)

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International Watercolor Artists Hand book 2 – 2015

Splash 17 : Inspiring Subjects, North Light Books  USA (2015)

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