Wang Xiaorong

Xiao Rong Wang was born in Shanxi Province, China, in 1973. She attended the Xi’an Academy of Arts in 1997 and then graduated from the reputed Russian Artist Studio at the China Academy of Art in 2011. Today she is a member of both the Shaaxi Artists Association and the New York Hudson Artists Association. Wang's sense of adventure fuels her passion for experimentation in her artistic practice. Her work is composed of a multitude of materials and media. She will use objects such as leaves and papers in her paintings in addition to ink, Chinese painting and oil pigment, according to her requirements. Thereafter she will often use these materials to create collages. Each material and colour has an emotional characteristic; the leaves, for example, represent the life of the past and the birth of a new life. Wang states of her practice; 'From a macroscopic perspective, my works examine states of life existence and mourn about how life is short and time vanishes'. She allows a space in her works for the audience’s own interpretations and emotions but also suggests that the works embody romance, sincerity, amiability and nature. Even though Xiao Rong Wang has a Western artistic technique and natural style, her ideas and creations are deeply rooted into the context of Chinese traditional culture.




Born in Shaanxi, China


Graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Graduated from Russian famous Artists Studio of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Russia

Member of Shaanxi Artists Association and member of New York Hudson Artists Association.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Wang Xiaorong Works Exhibition, Yulin Shaanxi


Wang Xiaorong Art Works Exhibition, Yulin Shaanxi


“Out of the water with lotus-paste” Wang Xiaorong Double Solo Exhibition  Springs Space of Art

Time Gap, Honyo Art Center 798 Art Center China

Selected Group Exhibitions


Contemporary Women's Painting Party Second Invitation Exhibition   (Beijing)

John Moores Painting Prize, Minsheng Art Museum

Whiplash!!!  SURGE Art   (Red Gate Gallery)

Pure China Art Exhibition, Foshan, Shezhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing

Asia Art Expo World Peace Art Exhibition, Beijing

The Third International Young Artists Exhibition, Zhongshan

"Reverse Spread" National Water Ink Exhibition Tour (Chengdu)


"Quiet Sound of Water" Abstract Art Exhibition, Half a Picture Gallery

L7-The Seventh Ring: The Material of Metonymy (Beijing)

Contemporary Women's Painting Party First Invitation Exhibition (Beijing)


"Golden 50th Anniversary" New York Hudson Artist Association Exhibition, New York

"The Crowds" National Young Artists Exhibition, Shanghai Nanan Art Museum


New York Hudson International Art Exchange Program  New York, US

New York Queen Arts Festival  “Identity Replacement” Exhibition  New York Asian Art Center


@ Songzhuang Art Museum —— 2012(The 1st)Contemporary Art Weibo Exhibition (Songzhuang Art Museum)


3.8 Female Artist of Abstract Art (Beijing Abstract Art Union)

Global Chinese Abstract Artists Works Exhibition

“Young Leaders”  100 New Artists List (Beijing)

The 5th Zhong De Securities Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

“The 1st Chinese Aggressive Contemporary Art Exhibition”(China Central Place)

“Historical New Songzhuang” “Boundary Breaking” (Sunshine International Art Museum)


“2010 Special Touch” The 1st Zhong De Securities Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

The 3rd Zhong De Securities Contemporary Art Exhibition   (Beijing)

“Collision” Golden Age Contemporary Art Center Cooperation Artists Recommendation Exhibition(Beijing)

The 2nd China Abstract Art Network Exhibition

The 2nd Casual Art Festival(Sunshine International Art Museum)

"Recognition of History" – Large Art Theory Seminar


“Cube Art Combination” Works Exhibition(Beijing Zezhong Gallery)

“Die Verwandlung” Card Text Exhibition(Shangbao Art Gallery)


“Living in Songzhuang” Female Version(Songzhuang Art "New Generation 2008" Contemporary Youth Oil Painter Works Invitation (Yihongzå’Œai Gallery)


The 1st National Teachers’ Arts Works Exhibition (Shenyang)

Wang Xiaorong Works Exhibition (Shaanxi)

Talent Story——Three Female Artists’ Co-Exhibition (Beijing 798-K Gallery)

National Landscape Style Painting Exhibition   


Russian famous Artists Studio Works Exhibition(Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum)

The 1st Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing Times Art Museum)