Wang Yanfei

Wang Yanfei, formerly known as Wang Yanhui, was born in the late 80s. He grew up in Ji'an, a culturally declining city, as an adolescent, learning to paint since childhood. His dual experience of academic education and self-education in art has created his independent and versatile creative personality. He was the first to propose the concept of social space internet and founded the Space Museum, mainly engaged in painting, installation, video, performance and other multi-media, drawing inspiration from the great changes and contradictions of contemporary human society, and participating in the construction of contemporary culture with unique thoughtfulness and foresight.
If it is said that a mature artist should not have a style, or that it is impossible to define by style. In many of his works, we can vaguely perceive that he has unique insights into philosophy, literature, history, and theater, and also offers the audience an open interpretation, especially his latest series "Landscape with Philosophical Implications", which mixes many post-modernist philosophical thoughts and interpretations of dystopian literary classics. He clearly does not create art for art's sake, but from reality.