Chen Shangchang

Night Walker

Chen Shangchang's paintings, in terms of approach, follow the tradition of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute's emphasis on realistic methods and strict instruction in technicality, a term commonly used in art circles for good work at hand. The figurative and realistic parts of his images are easily managed with ease and discretion, which is aided by his talent. In terms of images, Achang's images are not unrelated to the inexhaustible image interceptions and visual memories of the big data era. In the operation of the picture, he intentionally gives a recognizable subject form to the interpretation of the picture, yet it always introduces the visual perception of the viewer to the nonsensical situation when the mix-and-match effect of the overall structure appears. Thus, the concepts of the everyday and the abnormal, chaos and faith; and logic and madness, etc. form an inversion or collision in the non-linear space. In a sense, this state of affairs hits the narrative nerve of the artist or the viewer, and adds a short resting point in between. This kind of confusion and different degrees of doubts about reality is also the artist's attempt to create an alternative perceptual space outside the picture and transmute the conceptual dimension.

I think that "living up to the times" is the visual answer that past generations of Sichuan students and artists have continuously delivered with their unique contemporary art concepts, methods and diligence in their works. We have also seen the emergence of new paintings from the scar literature to the Sichuan Mei, which has been a journey of day and night, and in this queue there is the post-80s newcomer Chen Shangchang.



Born in Zhanjiang, Guangdong

Graduated from Sichuan Art Museum

Selected Exhibitions


Exchange Exhibition,German Embassy, Beijing

Luce Art Museum, Beijing


Mulimuwai Project Exhibition

City of the Sky, Shanghai K11

Special Exhibition for the Fifth Anniversary, Guan Space, Guangzhou

Flowers, U Gallery, Beijing


Fantasy White Box Space, Nanjing


Art Future, Double Solo Exhibitions, Zhongshan, Guangdong

Meet Somewhere Else, Blue Bank Gallery, Shenzhen

Art Qingyun Plan, Empty Room, Beijing

"Desire Body - Chen Shangchang Solo Exhibition". Hongqiang Gallery, Beijing


I Art City, The Youth Art Program of Human, Yuan Art Gallery, Chongqing

The Third Academy's Nomination Exhibition, Huafang Art Center, Beijing


"Half Happiness - Chen Shangchang's Solo Exhibition", Grassland Art Space, Beijing

As Far as He is Concerned, Cheng Gallery, Beijing

The Second Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Landscape Art Museum, Beijing

Crossing-Overseas Tour Exbihition of Youth Art, Sri Lanka

Heiqiao Generation, Yulantang Art Center, Beijing

Follow-up Exhibition, Fangcao Gallery

Ivy League Plan, Tianjin


Taohuayuan Contemporary Art Exhibition, De Mei Yi Jia, Beijing

Stars Plan 2016, Tree Art Museum, Song Zhuang, Beijing

Asian Young Artist Nomination Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing

The 6th New Star Art Festival in 2015 Xi'an Art Museum Xi'an


62 degrees Grey, Ullens Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing

Public collections:

Tomorrow culture and art investment company

Original art gallery

German Embassy collection

Many galleries and private collections, etc