Xu Shi

With Chinese contemporary art coming under ever closer scrutiny, and receiving ever greater applause from the international art world, Soemo Fine Arts is proud to take this opportunity to presents the multi-genre Xu-Shi Exhibition, showcasing four of the very best contemporary and avant-garde Songzhuang artists - Yiling, Zhang Lun, Jia Qiong and Zhao Dewei. Xu-Shi, are two significant Chinese characters: mirrors of the conflicts between truth and falsehood, honesty and dishonesty, evident and indistinct, figurative and abstract, visible and invisible, current and future, conscious and unconscious, and, like Yin and Yang, are in a state of constant flux. They represent the importance of balance in life. Through the expression of Xu-Shi, the participating artists reveal the contradictions they face within contemporary society, bringing the viewer a step closer to understanding their Chinese legacy.