"Empty is the sky before the sun wakes up, Empty is the eyes of animals in cages, Empty are the faces of women in mourning, When everything has been taken from them"

Have you ever felt like nothing feels worth it? Like there is a void that consumes you? And when you're trying to do something you just can't find the energy? If so, you've probably experienced emptiness....

Emptiness is described as a feeling of numbness, an inability to feel anything emotionally, or nothing having purpose. When we do not attend to our own feelings, needs and well-being, we will feel empty inside.

Most of us have felt this emptiness in our lives. We try to avoid it, to run away from it... Being afraid of it, we seek security, a sense of permanency in materialistic things, in people or relationships, or in ideas, beliefs, dogmas, position and power. Any form of escape from this emptiness becomes all-important and, therefore, we cling to it desperately. Every form of escape is essentially similar; and if we recognize that the mind is constantly trying to escape from the central problem of anguish, of emptiness, then we are capable of looking at emptiness without condemning it or being afraid of it. Like Krishnamurti once said: "Fear comes only when I am trying to escape from it".

The main theme of this exhibition is emptiness. The characters in the presented works are all struggling with a kind of void. They seek something which they are unable to find. They tend to feel powerless and see themselves as victims, at the mercy of life. The truth is in their yearning.

The question, we as a viewer can ask our selves is if this emptiness can be banished by merely running away from it. And is after all, this running away not one of the causes of confusion, pain and misery?

In the end, we are in control of our thoughts and feelings, even when we think we're not... our outlook on life is our choice! We are able to heal feeling empty by looking for fulfilment of our inner self, rather than trying to find comfort in things derived from the external world... opening our gateway to the essence within us...