Red Men meet sinful Ladies of the night.

This time Soemo Fine Arts choose only two Artists for this exhibition, both born north of the Yangtze, 4 years apart in the late 60th and early 70th, found their success rather late in comparison with the young shooting stars of the Chinese contemporary Art Scene. Both Artist main themes are the powerless in the new Chinese Society, the ones who are living on the edge of Society, pictured as small red men by Shi Li Feng or prostitutes who are in a vicious circle, by Zhang Haiying.

For both, Zhang Haiying and Shi Li Feng, 2008 was probably the most successful year in their careers so far. Both found considerable recognition within China and strong showings outside of China.

Zhang Haiying, born in 1972 in Shandong, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Shangdong Academy of fine Arts. 2008 was with his Solo Exhibition at the Willem Kerseboom Gallery, and with his participations with the same Gallery at Scope Basel, Scope London, Art Asia Miami and Art Amsterdam, his international most successful year till date. As well his inclusion at the Saatchi Art Gallery at the " Revolution Continues - New Chinese Art" helped him to get more international credence.

Shi Li Feng, born in 1968 in Hebei, graduated from Hebei Normal University, Hebei Province. As well the last two years were the most international presented years in his career. November 2007 holding a Solo Exhibition at the Yang Gallery in Singapore, participating at the Stockholm Art Fair helped him to bring his name outside of China. Similar noticeable is the back cover of the long awaited new Album from Guns n' Roses, where Shi Li Fengs work " Red Star" is pictured.

It will be a pleasure to have you join us during the exhibition and experience the wonders of art by these two great artists.