Face-Exhibition of Personal Painting Works from Wang Ling & Luo Huajiang, Soemo-Fine-Arts, 798 Art Area, Dashanzi, Beijing.

Both artists depict children's portraits as their main theme.

Wang Ling was born in Hubei Province. He graduated from Xinjiang academy of fine arts. Most of his works exhibited this time were created in Xinjiang. For the two series "Jia He's Friend" and "The Corner of Potsdam Lane", he chose to paint children of Xinjiang, who live around his studio. In his paintings, we see the determination, but also the depression of these children. This kind of expression can only be captured in the unique Xinjiang culture. This unique ethnic culture has been confronted by the global mainstream culture, which resulted that in daily life everything has to keep changing and evolving.

Luo Huajiang is an artist who comes from a remote village in Fujian Province. As in other villages in China, most of the young people in the village work in cities, left are the old and children alone in the village. Luo Huajiang's paintings depict these "stay-at-home children". They are curious, but also shy and timid. They stay with their grandparents and rarely have the chance to live with or talk to their parents. Living away from their parents has become a serious issue for most of these Chinese children in the rural area.