Zeng Pu Solo Exhibition at China International Gallery Expo (CIGE)

HEART·Paintings by Zeng Pu

Zeng Pu, was awarded the first Prize of the "First New Star Art Festival" in Chengdu honoring his " Heart" series. Zeng Pu was born in Xichang, Sichuan and graduated with a master degree from the Oil Department of Chengdu Fine Art Academy of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, in 2007. He currently lives and works in Chengdu.

Zeng Pu lives in a world, which is strongly influenced by his emotions and inner imagination. He is known to have simplified his lifestyle to an extreme basic level. Compared to his lifestyle, his paintings are highly exquisite and colorful. He paints images that are emerging from his personal imagination.

Zeng Pu is a man born to Art. Painting is his life. He understands deeply that perfection lies in the details. He often uses an angle, which resembles a sea level or a distant horizon. The diluted paint is condensed, dispersed and infiltrated and captures the features of both watercolor and oil painting. The characters in the painting come out of the white void - is it the deep imagination of his heart? - and float in a space that is not defined by frames.

This is how Zeng Pu describes his work in his own words.

"I want to use my paintings to describe some fragmental moments, some of which are from the real life, some are in my imagination, and some are from the newspaper, Internet or self- photography. I hope I can draw my "feelings" on each picture. All my works are pretty small. They don't have any background. You can combine the small paintings together randomly, or just show the painting independently. I call this series of work "HEART", since these images are floating in white blank spaces by twos or threes, just like the characters in our heart, we sometimes feel disappointed or are running away or longing, they could suddenly appear or disappear in our memory."