Glimmer • Su Zhihan Solo Exhibition


- Su Zihan and His Works

By Lucy

In 1978, Su Zihan was born in An Hui Province, and graduated from the Fine Art Department of An Hui Normal University.

His main art works is the series of Love Strangers and the series of Private Space.

The difference is, Su Zihan no longer names his latest artworks in one subject. I called this exhibition Glimmer, for personally these works brought me such a feeling, which is like a light shining through.

The whole image of Go With Buddha gives you a harmony and quiet feeling, makes you always keep a peaceful heart world it doesn't matter how the surrounding is, maybe this is the artist's personal attitude;

Please Keep in Silence is probably concerning the freedom of speech of nowadays we confront, in this artwork the look-real of the leather gloves fully shows the artist's superb skill;

Colored Medicine Liquid tells you the Chinese hot topic about the relationship between hospital and patients.

In Su Zihan's earlier works, He usually liked to aim his eyes on a group's status, but now he has transferred to the happening matters of our surroundings, I think it is very meaningful.