Not the Right Time

Currently, as China is evolving into a new economical superpower, the power of contemporary art is increasing. More people are starting to recognize the importance of contemporary art in our modern day society and as a powerful voice that gives expression and leads to important changes within it.
Today's art can give people a glimpse of their own life, their own society, their own world.... holding up a mirror to them.

However, one aspect within the new Chinese art has seemed to be forgotten... Abstract art! To us, this might even be the most interesting of all. Abstract art has the ability to take the viewer into a mysterious world, for its meaning is often indeterminable... or at least at first sight. It is art that can challenge and inspire the viewer for many years. In spite of this, contemporary abstract art in China does not receive the recognition it deserves. Maybe this is because the artists have developed a higher consciousness or spiritual level and are therefore harder to understand. Personally, we like to believe that now is just not the right time for abstract art... Soon this might change!

For this exhibition we have selected five artists who have the exceptional talent to convey their deep inner thoughts in an abstract formula. Their art originates from a deep contemplation and therefore has the ability to touch the soul.

Hopefully through this exhibition we can contribute to a society where people feel inspired by art that not only needs a keen eye to appreciate but also a great sense of empathy and emotion.