Good Luck 2008

Like the blink of an eye… Soemo Fine Arts has been in Songzhuang for one year! It has been a lasting success, introducing young Chinese artistic talents to an (inter)national audience.... We are very pleased that we have been able to help and support amazing artists throughout 2007 by introducing their work to collectors and galleries, and are proud that art lovers around the world have found interesting artwork after our recommendation. With deepest gratitude we wish to thank all our friends; artists, collectors, and all who have supported and accompanied us in past year.

Soemo Fine Arts will continuously be introducing outstanding young Chinese contemporary artists into the art industry, as well as providing opportunities for these young talents to form a network with fellow artists, galleries, collectors and general art lovers. We welcome everyone who is interested in Chinese contemporary art to join us! In 2008 we will, again, do our utmost best!

“Good Luck 2008” is our first exhibition in 2008. We have invited six well-known artists from Songzhuang to join… They are rare talents from which a few have already participated in international exhibitions. Most of them have been in Songzhuang for many years, like Wang Qiang since 1995, Piao Guangxie since 1999, Zhao Guangchen since 1999 and Lv Shun since 2000. Furthermore we exhibit the works of two young artists, Shu Xhihan and Chi Qixi, who have recently moved to Songzhuang, and already have been attracting a lot of attention.