History and Future

Soemo Fine Arts is opening a new exhibition named "History and Future". The artists Cao Xiaodong, Gao Feng, Wu Yiqiang, Su Zihan will participate in this exhibition

Gao Feng's paintings were inspired by the evolution of various species. His painting shows his intimate knowledge on the changes of the world in the past, present and future. The series "Future Species" describe the growth process of a future species' and the relative loneliness of evolution

Wu Yiqiang's paintings in  "The news series: My Puberty" aims to sarcastically reflect the deviation of news from its truth with meaningless slogans, disrupted words & graphics. This series is a specific criticism about the "Truth" of news expressed with ordinary means of modeling

Su Zihan features various kinds of women in his recent work "Secret Space". The women in his paintings reveal their confused and sometimes depressed spirit with a glass of wine in hand in a gloomy light. They would like to enjoy but at the same time narcotize themselves

Cao Xiaodong was one of the representatives of the new art trend in 1985. He used the process of "Deconstruction, Digitalizing and Handmade" to recreate the classic portrait with points. A visual connection between the past (Handmade) and present (Digital) is specifically created