Liu Fei Solo Exhibition

Today we live in a world full of machine and men made materials.

We create this materials and machines to ease up our lives, According to Heidegger however the existence of all machines to threaten our place in the world and we are starting to feel lost in it.

Liu Fei says: The human Being is a result of nature, and a spiritual existence however we humans are trying to win nature and master it. The space conquered by humans from original nature is increasing steadily. The home of our spirit however becomes smaller and smaller. The technical development is becoming a barrier to human existence. Question is how we conquer back our essence of being.

Liu Fei does not use her brush to describe the living creatures, but focus her view on different substances and materials, using the cold machine to symbolize the people's existence. A complicated machine is like a life flower in a bright and cold night, but it does not give us the warmth we need to live.

Liu Fei's work depicts subjects, but not in the traditional sense of still life. These everyday items and symbols of our civilization should be linked to people, but the mechanical structure is cold. She revealed this way the absence of humanity, by using machines to replace people. The spread of nihilism is one major problem facing the human civilization.

As many of her peers of the after 80ties generation, Liu Fei grew up in the new China of industrialization, marketing addicted, with very little local and traditional attachments. In a generation where keywords of life are: Consumption, technical adaptation, branded goods, social networking. She choose to go beyond the "Cartoon Generation"'s superficial patterns. Liu Fei's creations do not indulge in revelry and material consumption and the worship of new technologies, she rather reflects this subject with detached calms. She built a unique artistic world, scorching hot, but cool, clear eyes but impaired. In the area of mechanical reproduction, art remains a halo, though with a weak fluorescent glow.