Her Vision

Despite the fact that the Chinese and Sichuan art world is strongly male dominated, Sichuan female Artists are emerging and make their work noticed more and more.

Their art is deeply rooted in social and personal experiences. These are similar social issues to those found in the work of Sichuan male artists but these issues are still construed from a female perspective. The strength of the Sichuan people, the leisure way with a down to earth approach and the desire to increase the quality of life without giving up the former values, is clearly an influence in their art.

The art by Sichuan women artists is not limited to "women's issues" like family, relationships and home, and it is certainly not strongly impacted by western feminism.

Even there is a sexual awareness, they do not emphasize on it, but rather focus on female experience.  

Much of the art is about representing a personal past and reflects it to the present: as well it shows the role of the artists in the society today

The most prominent characteristic of Sichuan female art is that it doesn't put emphasis on intense criticism but intense personalized expression.