Ma Yongqiang

The Unique Landscape

Yongqiang Ma was born in1971 in Shangdong province. He graduated from CAFA with master degree.

It's the first time that Mr.Ma works with Soemo Fine Art to have solo exhibition. This exhibition showcases two series of his recently landscape paintings "--Baiquan Mountain and Huangshan.

Baiquan Mountain is located in the Hebei Yanqi Lake and Yougu Shentan, 63 kilometers from the capital. With its special geographical environment, magnificent mountain structure, abundant vegetation and mineral spring resources, the scenic spot has a unique natural landscape. Hundreds of fountains hide in the mountains, keeping the valleys and streams flowing. The Baiquan Mountain are beautiful, unique, spectacular view is really amazing.

Huangshan is located in Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The Huangshan Scenic Area covers an area of 160.6 square kilometers. Huangshan is famous for its pines, strange stones, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow, and it has the title of "the best mountain in the world". That's why many artists are deeply indulged in it.

It was the first time Mr.Ma had systematically studied the art of painting in a way that reabsorbed and assimilated the techniques and knowledge, and sought out the right materials and colors when exploring personal style realistic techniques. After several years of exploration, he finally formed the style of Baiquan Mountain and Huangshan series works, they contain mountains, rivers, trees and other specific things, Mr.Ma found what he really interested in is the beauty of the combination of firmness and flexibility which formed by natural rocks and cloud. Showing his realistic ability and aesthetic standards.

Above all, we are very expecting Mr.Ma's future works. He said, the mountain will merge with his inmost being, and finally become a painting of his inner peace.



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